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LGBT Screening

The Princess of Love

(La Princesse L’amour D’amour) While reading her students a fairytale, a teacher becomes so invested in the story that she begins to substitute its morals with her own.


A gay Asian man has difficulty accepting who is and isn’t attracted to him.

Change Over Time

The gradual transition from woman to man is well-documented through poetry and remembrance.

Je T’aime

Brow-beaten by a high-strung girlfriend, a man sheds his chains and declares his love for an unlikely subject.


(Rojo) After ditching a gay online chat room for a face-to-face meeting, a young man learns the shocking truth about his new friend.


On a quest for love, a young man discovers that a significant other can come in all shapes and sizes.

Cruise Patrol

A turn for the absurd occurs when a reckless driver is pulled over by a renegade police officer.

Lambing Season

A woman searches for her father and learns about life, forgiveness and also how one must deal with family problems.