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The Uncles

(Gli Zii) Two uncles go to great lengths to keep their beloved niece from marrying.


An actress improvises a steamy scene for an unprepared film director.

Sorta’ Horny

Sheldon vows to have the horn growing out of his forehead removed so that he can more comfortably meet women.


(Sin Respuesta) The job of a collections agent suddenly becomes personal and causes her to reevaluate the humanity in her profession.

Flight of the Polar Bear

When a polar bear comes in harm’s way, a team of environmental documentarians take it upon themselves to save the day.


Joe Maggard, one of the nine official Ronald McDonalds, still dons make up and costume despite not being employed by the fast food chain.

In My Corner

A young woman tries to reunite with her estranged father through their common love of boxing.


The antidote to a soul-sucking job can be found outside your cubicle window.

Another Happy Anniversary

To commemorate their 10th anniversary, a couple attempts to spice things up in the bedroom by bringing in an outsider.

Hotel Y

When a man gets cold feet about leaving his wife, the terms of his affair become even more complicated.