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Showcase 1

The Cold Heart

(Das Kalte Herz) Given the chance to magically improve his life, a poor man discovers the source of true happiness — as well as true regret.

Everything Starts Somewhere

The aftermath of a one-night stand is played out through the couple’s internal monologues.


Love, loss, fear and heartbreak through an answering machine.

One-Minute Time Machine

Hoping to impress a pretty girl, a nerdy scientist shows off his one-minute time machine.

Job Interview

Lisa’s excitement over her potential new job quickly dissipates when the interviewer asks a series of increasingly pointed questions.


A man goes to extreme lengths to exterminate a mosquito that’s been keeping him up at night.

He’s A Fighter

Born prematurely to a drug-addicted mother, an honor student rises above his circumstances to become an undefeated boxer.

A Special Day

(Un Día Especial) On his wedding day, a man discovers that his wife-to-be is secretly a superhero.