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Showcase 10

The Profile of Jonas Aquino

(O Perfil de Jonas Aquino) Jonas schemes to create an online persona in his attempt to befriend the popular kids.

Euthanasia, Inc.

(Eutanas S.A.) When a family decides that it’s time for grandma to meet her maker, she plots her revenge.

Je T’aime

Brow-beaten by a high-strung girlfriend, a man sheds his chains and declares his love for an unlikely subject.


A bicyclist sets out for his daily ride, with a twist.


(ניווט גולם) On their final assignment as officer candidates, two women trek through a harsh desert landscape when one suddenly remembers she’s forgotten something crucial.

My Milk Cup Cow

(Cup no naka no koushi) Reflecting on her youth, a woman recalls stories of her father.

A Life with Asperger’s

The intimate portrayal of one man’s challenge to live his life with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Ring

(The Bague) A man is set to propose with the perfect ring. Only there’s a problem — it’s stuck on another woman’s finger.