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Showcase 13


The antidote to a soul-sucking job can be found outside your cubicle window.

The Golden Years

(De Sista Ljuva Ă…ren) Ingrid takes satisfying revenge on a pushy woman in their nursing home.

Anxious Oswald Greene

An anxious man seeks a non-traditional remedy to a unique medical condition.

Lambing Season

A woman searches for her father and learns about life, forgiveness and also how one must deal with family problems.

Animating The Void: Erasing Michelle From “Full House”

What would the sitcom “Full House” have been like without Michelle? A man sets out to find out with unexpected results.

Little Big Hero

Fettuccine the donkey realizes how much he misses an annoying little girl.

Watch Out

Trapped in a snowbound house, a woman is stalked by an unexpected intruder.

They Are The Last

A day in the life of a lighthouse keeper on a remote cape off the Uruguayan coastline.

The Gunfighter

A gunfighter walks into a saloon, but the film’s voiceover has other goals in mind.