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Showcase 14

Love at 20

Finding love at 20 isn’t easy for anyone, but for Sophia, it is complicated by her own special challenges.


Old resentments bubble to the surface when a witch announces alternative Saturday night plans to her coven.

This Is Me

Balinda shares her story of how medical marijuana has changed her life.

Silence Is Golden

After a series of bad dates, a woman decides she’s happier on her own.


Pushed by his coach/father, a young runner eventually lashes out at the least expected moment.

Around a Table

(Autour D’une Table) Disparate people ponder the cathartic nature of the coffee klatch ritual.

A Stitch In Time (For $9.99)

Set on finding out if her coworker likes her, Laura visits the discount time travel lab to get a peek at her future.

The Dandelion

(Le Pissenlit) The staff of The Dandelion try many wacky schemes to save their café.