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Showcase 15

The Uncles

(Gli Zii) Two uncles go to great lengths to keep their beloved niece from marrying.


An actress improvises a steamy scene for an unprepared film director.


Believing she has been kidnapped, a girl finds out that she is in a home more caring than she suspects.

Love Notes

Two blind neighbors discover each other through a shared musical interlude that shapes their path to happiness.


Fly fishing is more than a sport—it’s a way of life.

Unicorn Blood

(Sangre De Unicornio) Rude teddy bears hunt unicorns with devastating results.

The Champion

Even though he lives in a tiny apartment with only a bathtub for a pool, a boy dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer.

I’m You, Dickhead!

A man goes back in time to convince his 10-year-old self to play guitar.