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Showcase 2


Upon retiring, a man seeks to rekindle their relationship when he realizes that his wife has a separate life.

In My Corner

A young woman tries to reunite with her estranged father through their common love of boxing.

5 Ways to Die

(5 Tropoi na Pethaneis) Depressed and unsatisfied, a husband attempts several acts of suicide only to find a more ideal resolution.

We Are Friends

(Somos Amigos) Complications arise when a savvy businessman is mandated to fire his best friend.


On a quest for love, a young man discovers that a significant other can come in all shapes and sizes.

The Red Carpet

(La Alfombra Roja) The star of “Slumdog Millionaire” reflects on her dreams of becoming an actress, and the living conditions of her slum.

The Gulf

(Le Gouffre) A friendship is challenged when two men confront a large, seemingly impossible gulf.


(Estocolmo) Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be a challenge — especially when his work is disturbing.