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Showcase 3


Alfonso, a talented magician, aims to impress at a local talent show, but ends up surprising even himself with this final act.


As cake decorations prepare for a celebration, one piece of decor stirs trouble, and eventually flies off on her own.

Inside the Box

A District Attorney questions the office on duty about his involvement in an unresolved arrest.

The Silly Bastard Next To The Bed

A retired Air Force officer realizes he was at the center of a huge political scandal during the Kennedy administration.


A naive Armenian girl gets more than she bargained for when she stows away in her uncle’s suitcase in pursuit of chocolate.

The Ring Cycle

Having just been told that her husband wants a divorce, a woman struggles to let go of their relationship.

Ike Interviews God

Following centuries of anticipation, the world’s most ordinary man is selected to be the first person to interview God.