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Showcase 5

Sorta’ Horny

Sheldon vows to have the horn growing out of his forehead removed so that he can more comfortably meet women.


(Sin Respuesta) The job of a collections agent suddenly becomes personal and causes her to reevaluate the humanity in her profession.

Flight of the Polar Bear

When a polar bear comes in harm’s way, a team of environmental documentarians take it upon themselves to save the day.


Two DC street performers show off their talents by creating beautiful music with unorthodox instruments.

Cruise Patrol

A turn for the absurd occurs when a reckless driver is pulled over by a renegade police officer.


Judgement Day comes early when giant, radioactive jellyfish appear on a sleepy coastline.


Concerned about his father’s emotional well being, a son provides cathartic insight.

What Cheer?

Struggling to overcome the death of his wife, a man is tormented by a cheerful marching band that follows him seemingly everywhere.