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Showcase 6


Once a pair of lonely bartenders begin fantasizing about time travelers, they soon find themselves attempting to communicate with one.

Meet Anna

Anna Phylaxis comes to America and dances to the music of the streets.


(Rojo) After ditching a gay online chat room for a face-to-face meeting, a young man learns the shocking truth about his new friend.

The Life And Death Of Tommy Chaos And Stacey Danger

Two adrenaline seeking soldiers fall in love on a battlefield, only to find out marriage isn’t the thrill they thought it would be.

Crochet Noir

Even the most hard boiled private detective will crack when faced with his most personal case.

The Roving Typist

The true story of a New York native who entertains random passersby by writing them original stories.

Live or Dead

(Vivo O Muerto) In the midst of planning their honeymoon, a groom-to-be concocts a ludicrous tale to halt his engagement.

Business as Usual

(Der Prophet Fliegt Mit) Passengers on an airplane struggle to stay grounded when an Arab man boards the flight.


When a father and son hit the tennis court for some friendly competition, things soon take a serious turn.