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Showcase 7

Anything Goes

(Alles Mag) A young boy’s class talk about his last Carnival soon turns into a personal and poignant story.


Having become suddenly cognizant of her age, a former flamenco dancer tries to relive her career.

The Toaster

(Le Toasteur) Brotherly love takes a whole new meaning when an older sibling is caught contemplating suicide.

Espa├▒a Is Different

The tables are turned when a boy discovers his bully isn’t quite the miscreant he appears to be.

Pour Retourner

After twelve years in a prison kitchen, a chef has difficulty adjusting back to the culinary world outside.

Run To Live

When stricken with a rare illness, a man’s only option is to run.

A Lifestory

In order to save his home planet, a cat must embark on a zany adventure through space.

RE50 to W├Ąchtersbach

After an exhausting day, a man boards the last train of the night only to be met with two unsavory characters.

Three Dates

Three significantly different relationships are intertwined as they all move towards resolution.