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Showcase 8

Mr. Bear

After years of being kicked around by life, Steve comes alive when faced with the challenge of dismembering corpses.

A Day In The Life Of A Bathroom Mirror

An ordinary bathroom mirror gives a whole new take on the idea of being on the outside, looking in.


(Terapia) A depressed widow finds the spark to carry on through her charming physical therapist.

Fondly, Maggie

89 year-old Maggie offers her wisdom on life-long happiness and love.


(Serori) In an attempt to relive her past, an older woman plans an unusual outing for the son of her former lover.

Spare Change

(Entre Chien Et Loup) A homeless man is given a second chance when an ex-lover recognizes him on the street.

Voyage of Discovery

Several local women artists join forces to create art inspired by climate change.

The Chaperone

When a motorcycle gang crashes a school dance, there’s only one person who can restore order: the chaperone.