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Showcase 9

Good Air

(Buenos Aires) Longing for his hometown of Buenos Aires, a man finds an unconventional way of counteracting his homesickness.


Troubles arise when the Pope has a brief out-of-body experience and confides to his contemporaries that he experienced no afterlife.

Kisses In Zocalo

(Besos En El Zocalo) Set in Mexico City, one filmmaker intends to find out what kissing represents, entails, and expresses in another culture.


A lawyer becomes enraged with a public servant who is unable to answer questions.

My American Fund

To his own dissatisfaction, a young boy moves from the US to a small Nigerian village to live with his grandmother.


With the end of the world right around the corner, a man is asked to write the final pages of recorded human history.

Heal H Street

An enlightening look at the effects of gentrification along H Street NE in Washington, DC.


Following a sleigh crash, Santa Claus and his helper elf are left to fend for themselves in the forest.