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Superhero Screening

Super Camila

A young man thrives on putting himself in danger, knowing that his superhero girlfriend will always swoop in and save the day.


Time travel is the only way for the best man to save his friend’s wedding.

I’m You, Dickhead!

A man goes back in time to convince his 10-year-old self to play guitar.

The Life And Death Of Tommy Chaos And Stacey Danger

Two adrenaline seeking soldiers fall in love on a battlefield, only to find out marriage isn’t the thrill they thought it would be.

A Stitch In Time (For $9.99)

Set on finding out if her coworker likes her, Laura visits the discount time travel lab to get a peek at her future.


Judgement Day comes early when giant, radioactive jellyfish appear on a sleepy coastline.

One-Minute Time Machine

Hoping to impress a pretty girl, a nerdy scientist shows off his one-minute time machine.

A Special Day

(Un Día Especial) On his wedding day, a man discovers that his wife-to-be is secretly a superhero.